SISB Pracha Uthit: 🌞🎥📚 Summer School Update: Week 2 at the SISB Kid Influencer Camp 2023! 🌟📹

Hey everyone! It’s been another amazing week at the SISB Kid Influencer Camp 2023, and our young superstars have been rocking it in their classes. Let’s dive into the exciting activities they’ve been up to!

In the language classes, our budding influencers have been honing their creative skills. They were tasked with writing scripts for short videos related to their chosen YouTube channels. To develop their presentation skills, the students practised delivering their scripts, learning the art of capturing their audience’s attention.

In the Audio & Visual classes, our aspiring content creators embraced their inner directors. They completed filming their introduction videos, where they introduced themselves and shared their passions. Moreover, they learnt some basic editing techniques, unlocking the power to transform their raw footage into captivating content. It’s incredible to witness their creativity come to life!

In the STEM classes, our tech-savvy influencers immersed themselves in the world of video optimisation. They explored the art of creating eye-catching thumbnails, mastering the visual tricks that make viewers eager to click. Additionally, they learnt the ins and outs of uploading videos on YouTube.

Overall, our Kid Influencer Camp participants continue to impress us with their dedication, creativity, and eagerness to learn. They’re pushing boundaries and discovering their unique voices as they navigate the exciting world of digital content creation. We’re thrilled to witness their progress and can’t wait to see the exceptional content they’ll produce in the coming weeks! To see more of what the students have been up to, visit the SISB Kid Influencer Camp 2023 Google Site.

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on Week 3 of Kid Influencer Camp, especially our Awards Ceremony, that will take place on July 20, 2023. Let’s continue to support these young talents as they flourish in their digital endeavours. 🌟🎉🎬

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