(12-16 years)


Singapore and UK curricula Secondary

12-16 years

At Grades 7 & 8, we offer a hybrid Singapore and Cambridge curriculum. Students take 11 examinable subjects, such as Language Arts, Thai Language, Chinese Language, Mathematics, Physical Science, ICT, Music and more. This allows students to have broad-based learning and to explore their areas of interest. At Grades 9 & 10, we offer the Cambridge curriculum where students will sit for the Cambridge IGCSE exam at the end of Grade 10. They have a choice of taking up to nine subjects, selected from the groups of Languages, Mathematics, Sciences, Humanities, Technology, and Art & Music.


Through the Singapore and Cambridge curriculum, SISB aims to develop each student as a Scholar, a Leader and a Global Citizen, to make the world a better place. This is achieved through customised programmes that help to promote students’ awareness of local and world issues. It also provides ample opportunities for students to reflect on human commonality, diversity and multiple perspectives so that they are aware of the diverse cultures in this world.

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The curriculum takes into consideration the nature and ability of SISB Sixth Form students using a trilingual focus. As such, three languages, English, Chinese and Thai, are offered to students from Grades 7 to 12.

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The Pastoral Care and Career Guidance Programme is added to the timetable to teach life skills and social-emotional competencies among students and to manage students’ educational pathways and their career development.

Global Citizenry

Programmes such as the local education programs (LEP) and overseas education programs (OEP) are organised to promote global citizenship and intercultural learning. Some LEP and OEP have been organised to Buriram, Chiang Mai, Vietnam, China and Australia. Students become better communicators and gain a better understanding of the outside world and the wider community.

This broad, balanced and sequenced curriculum in the secondary school develops a child in all major domains – the Cognitive, Psychomotor and Affective domains – thereby providing students with holistic education.

Dr. Ong Teck Chin Executive Principal


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SISB Secondary School Curriculum Framework

SISB Secondary School Curriculum Framework