SISB Suvarnabhumi: Primary 6 Residential Trip, Nakhon Nayok

From Feb 28 to March 2, 2023, SISB Suvarnabhumi’s eager and excited Primary 6 students took part in an unforgettable residential trip to Nakhon Nayok. The three-day trip aimed to develop the students’ open-mindedness and create an opportunity to take risks and gain new experiences. It also highlighted the students’ care for one another and for the environment.

Together with other Primary 6 students from the Pracha Uthit and Thonburi campuses, our students enthusiastically participated in various well-planned activities such as archery, bushcraft, nature walking and a raft-building challenge. At the end of each day, the students were also given the chance to reflect on their activities. Each and every P6 student had a worthwhile and rewarding learning experience.

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