Welcome from Chairman of School Board

When SISB was founded in 2001, our vision was to provide education to learners of diverse interests, nationalities, and age groups. We believe that with quality education, we can equip our students with valuable knowledge and skills in preparation for the constantly evolving world.

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SISB campuses adopt the best curricula from around the world to ensure that our students are exposed to the best, and are educated to become scholars, leaders, and global citizens.

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We provide a through-train education pathway for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. In the Nursery-Kindergarten years (ages 2-6), students are eased into their education journey using the Early Years Foundation Stage from the United Kingdom (UK).

This gives students an excellent foundation as they progress into the Primary years (ages 6-12), where students are educated using Singapore curriculum. The qualities of Singapore curriculum are well known, with its focus on English, Maths and Science.

From the ages of 12-16, students in Sixth Form continue to excel using a combination of Singapore curriculum (Grades 7-8), and UK curriculum (Grades 7-10) and are benchmarked using the Cambridge International Examinations.

This puts them in an excellent position to excel in whatever field they choose to pursue.

At the final stage of their time in Singapore International Schools (Grades 11-12, ages 16-18), Sixth Form students are prepared for entry into top universities and they have a choice between two acclaimed systems – Cambridge International Examinations (AS and A Levels Examinations) or the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

This puts them in an excellent position to excel in whatever field they choose to pursue.

I welcome you to learn more about SISB and help your child embark on his education journey.


Chairman of the SISB Schools Governing Board