SISB places great significance on the learning that takes place beyond the classroom. We provide a variety of activities for enrichment outside the normal curriculum. These activities are a crucial component of our students’ holistic education. Through these activities, students discover their interests and talents and develop their character and learn values, social-emotional competencies, and skills to prepare them for future challenges.

Students from diverse backgrounds build lasting bonds by participating in after-school activities. By learning and interacting with one another, they develop friendships and deepen their sense of belonging to the school and the community.

Activities, Sports & Academies

SISB provides an array of activities from Clayworks, Thai Dance to sports and academies. Academies are our top sporting programme at SISB. Our Academies are run by national team-level coaches with vast experience as professional players and coaches.


SISB is geared towards developing a child as an athlete. We are dedicated to students who are, in turn, dedicated to their chosen sport.


Our focus is on competing outside of the International School competition calendar, with our players competing in tournaments around Thailand as well as overseas.


In addition to SISB students, we recruit and train athletes from both Thai and international schools. We believe this is the best way to share different experiences and raise the competitiveness level of our Academies.

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After School Activities

Experiential Learning

Through our experiential learning programmes, we aim to provide our students with a rich experience that is relevant and valuable, in a setting away from the school site without compromising their safety.


These experiences clarify students’ understanding of areas of the curriculum by showing the material studied in a real-life practical context; enable students to become responsible global citizens through service-learning projects; nurture students’ cultural intelligence and world readiness; and provide platforms and opportunities for students to work collaboratively as a team and learn through real-life experiences.

Community Service

We are committed to corporate social responsibility because we know that as much as the communities contribute to our schools, our schools also have a responsibility to give back to their communities. We actively contribute to the areas in which we operate by providing our time and resources.

We initiate projects that are tailored specifically to each area to combine the best of our school’s resources and expertise with the needs of the community. This enables our students to better understand the diversity of the world and the people around them.