SISB Nonthaburi : ⚽🏆The First SISB Inter Campus Football Tournament✨🥅

✨On Jan 17, the first SISB Inter-Campus Football Cup was held at SISB Nonthaburi Campus✨.
It was a fantastic event where boys and girls showcased their football skills!! ⚽🥅🏆

2024.01.17 Inter Campus Football 35

Teams from Nonthaburi, Pracha Uthit, and Thonburi campuses came together for a day of football and enjoyment.

2024.01.17 Inter Campus Football 3

The focus was on sportsmanship, teamwork, fair play, and having a great time. The players did an awesome job on the field, with a large number of parents and students cheering from the sidelines and having a blast.🥅

2024.01.17 Inter Campus Football 6
2024.01.17 Inter Campus Football 14

⚽🏆 The tournament was a big success, providing a fantastic day filled with excitement, friendly rivalries, and a strong sense of sportsmanship. At the end of the day, Thonburi campus Girls and Boys Teams lifted the 2024 Upper Primary SISB Football Cup trophy to claim the championship this year.

✨Congratulations to all players, parents, and coaches!✨

2024.01.17 Inter Campus Football 44

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