SISB Suvarnabhumi: Primary 2 Team Building AY2023/2024

On Sept 8, a memorable team-building event was organised for our Primary 2 students. The event commenced with an opening message from Principal Irene, focusing on teamwork and collaboration. A series of games followed which challenged the students to work together, communicate effectively, and support one another, all while having loads of fun and displaying sportsmanship at the same time.

Beyond building teamwork, the event focused on cultivating leadership skills among the students through various group challenges that allowed them to explore opportunities to nurture a sense of responsibility and confidence. It also served as a way for the students to form strong bonds with one another, exemplifying SISB SV’s commitment to our students’ character development alongside academic growth.

Assistant Principal Peyman concluded the event with a short message praising the students for their resilience in successfully completing each game.

Congratulations, Primary 2 students!

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Primary 2 Team Building AY2023-2024
Primary 2 Team Building AY2023-2024
Primary 2 Team Building AY2023-2024

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