[University Offers 2024] Punyaphon Lin – Toey (Thammasat)

“Growing up in SISB gave me such precious memories. It was extremely challenging for me when I first joined SISB in Primary 6 as my English proficiency and communications skills were minimal back then. I remembered not having many friends and lagging behind in my classes.

However, this became a driving force for me. I started getting better in English and forged beautiful friendships here. I am also very grateful for all the teachers who put so much effort into teaching us. I have made lots of mistakes, but without these setbacks, there would be no lessons for me to learn from.

I would like to thank all my teachers and the school counselling team as they made life in school easier. I truly appreciate all the memories, laughter, and all the good times spent together.

Give your best every time you get any opportunities so you can look back on it with no regrets. Time is valuable, so cherish the moments you have with your friends and teachers. Please spend your time wisely and effectively, and enjoy every progress that you make because your hard work will eventually pay off.”

Punyaphon Lin – Toey

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