SISB Suvarnabhumi: NK Dot Day 2023

Hello, SISB Community! 🌟

We had a fantastic International Dot Day at the SISB Nursery-Kindergarten on Sept 15! Our little ones dressed up in their spotty best and celebrated the power of creativity and self-expression. 🎨

With the helping hands of our wonderful parent volunteers, our kids had a blast exploring different activities like painting colourful dots on balloons, creating messy masterpieces with finger paints, and matching colours with dots. 🎈🖌️

International Dot Day is all about never giving up and believing in yourself, just like in the story of ‘The Dot.’ Our students embraced the message by making their own unique dots and signing them proudly, knowing that they are capable of great things. ✨

We’re thrilled to share this joyful day with you all and can’t wait for more adventures in learning and creativity. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from SISB – where every day is a day to shine! 💫

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