SISB Suvarnabhumi: Primary 1-6 Chinese (Poetry Recitation/Penmanship) Challenge Award

The SISB Suvarnabhumi Chinese department held their 1st Chinese Challenge at the Suvarnabhumi campus in order to encourage students to enjoy learning Chinese subjects and promote Chinese listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Primary 1-2 students participated in the Penmanship Competition and P3-P6 students participated in the Poetry Recitation Challenge. After two rounds of competition the top 3 students of each group were recognized and given awards. During morning assembly time, Principal Irene presented the awards and certificates to the top students for their outstanding performances. Congratulations to all those who placed and to all who participated.

The winners are:
Primary 1:
1st Place: Mavin – Natpisit Eakthanasunthorn P1 Love
2nd Place: Yi Yi – Luoyao Zhang P1Joy
3rd Place: Pumpkin – Nhue Nghi Huang P1 Joy
3rd Place: Matt – Patthanun Ratchatathammas P1 Love

Primary 2:
1st Place: Tom – Tao Zeng P2 Joy
2nd Place: Aree Wanalertlak P2 Love
3rd Place: Dollar – Yuxin Hu P2 Joy

Primary 3-6:
1st Place: Melody – Maylody Loetamphan (P3 Joy )
2nd Place: Tanya – Wenran Xie (P3 Joy)
2nd Place: Seven – Yanyu Gu (P4 Love)

Outstanding Award:
Warene Thangtuw (P4 Love)
Jonathan – Zexu Zhang (P3Joy)
Khun – Kunapatr Teerawongs (P4Love)

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