SISB Suvarnabhumi: P1 Experience Day for K2 Students

On March 18 and 19, Kindergarten 2 students visited the Primary section to experience the environment and have a taste of life there. This aimed to ensure a smooth transition from Kindergarten to Primary.

The event commenced with a tour of the Primary building led by the Primary prefects. K2 students visited the playground, canteen, Multi-Purpose Hall, ICT Room, Primary 1 Classrooms, Science Lab and Music Room. They were excited, happy, and curious as they explored the area.

Afterwards, they participated in enjoyable and interactive activities related to English, Science, Math, Chinese, Thai, ICT, and Drama, facilitated by the Primary 1 teachers.

The activities included reading English stories, conducting light experiments, practising addition, studying pets in Chinese, singing Thai songs, creating Pixel Art on iPads, and performing movements to enhance their motor skills.

Our Kindergarten 2 students had a fantastic experience and are eagerly waiting to join Primary 1 in the next academic year.

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