SISB Suvarnabhumi: K2 Field Trip to Wat Luang Pho Toh

On the morning of Nov 10, our lovely K2 students had an amazing field trip to Wat Luang Pho Toh. The head monk graciously shared insights on the importance of goodness and kindness and showing positive behaviour towards their friends.

The students participated in a heartfelt solemn prayer followed by thoughtful food offerings sent by the supportive parents of K2. The students were taught to offer flowers to Buddha. Another special moment was when they floated colourful candles in the water for good luck and positive energy.

This cultural field trip not only fostered a sense of mindfulness but also allowed our young learners to actively engage in the traditions of compassion and gratitude. The experience was a combination of cultural enrichment and mental growth, resulting in a lasting impression on our students, who gained both cherished memories and invaluable life lessons.

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