SISB Pracha Uthit: FZ FORZA Thailand

On Aug 18, 2023, Mr Zhang Ming Qing, Managing Director of Victor Sports (Thailand), together with Mr. Kelvin Koh, Chairman of the SISB School Governing Board, presided over the launch of “FZ FORZA Thailand”. The objective of this initiative is to develop Thai badminton players at the youth level to reach the international level, including the following shuttlers from SISB Badminton Academy:
1. Zev Ng Ke Zhi
2. Sabrina Sophita Wedler
3. Lucus Ekarat Wedler
4. Weerapong Roonjattu
5. Tanaporn Chuenkhum

The event was also attended by Mr. Tai Sheng Koh, Business Development Manager, and Mr. Hero Lee, SISB Primary Principal (Pracha Uthit Campus).

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