SISB Nonthaburi : 📢 Exciting News from Sixth Form Science! 🎉

Our bright students in Sixth Form have been diving deep into fascinating scientific explorations! From Grade 7’s investigation into diseases caused by living things to Grade 8’s exploration of modern farming techniques, our students are showcasing remarkable dedication and innovation in their studies.

In Grade 7, students have been creating informative posters and delivering captivating presentations on the microscopic culprits behind common illnesses, as well as exploring methods to prevent their spread.

2024.03.24 SF Science
2024.03.24 SF Science 3

Meanwhile, Grade 8 students have been redefining agricultural practices for the 21st century, exploring innovative methods such as hydroponics and vertical farming. Their dedication and creativity shine through in their construction of intricate models and understanding of the science behind these techniques.

2024.03.24 SF Science 2

Stay tuned for more updates on their insightful projects and the brilliant minds shaping our future! 🌟

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