[University Offers 2023] Jeffrey (UCL)

“SISB has always been a presence throughout my educational journey, from my rocky beginnings in Primary to where I am proud to be today. I am indebted to my loving teachers who saw the potential I had and helped me progress in more ways than one. I will be forever grateful for the relationships that I have fostered through the years and the unforgettable time that we spent in the campus that I have long since called my home. The school’s university counselling team was incredibly helpful in my university application process. They were able to help me find myself and make my path forward clear and achievable. I was pleasantly surprised by how writing essays could help me understand myself better and I would not be able to do so without the late-night meetings with the wonderful counsellors.

I am fascinated by the intersecting systems within our society and what we could do to change them. I believe that a better world is possible and I am passionate to be a part of that progress. In Thailand, however, our understanding of society is often incomplete. I would love to go into Sociological Research to uncover and comprehend the underlying faults in our present system or be involved in Labour Unionism and organising to develop the necessary mechanisms for that progress.

Have fun in the university application process! Don’t stress yourself over work to the point that you forget to work on yourself. If you prepare well enough, everything will lock into place soon enough.”

Jeffrey – Wannuwat Jitsuparp

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