Congratulations for our students at The Angel by Li-ning Junior Badminton Championship

Our students achieved excellent results at the The Angel By Li-ning Junior Badminton Championship on Dec.25, 2022 in Pathumthani. Congratulations!

Chonnatee Liu (Sunny) P2 Love
🥉 Second runner-up: Boys Doubles (Under-9)

Saichon Liu (Seesun) P5 Faith
🥈 First runner-up: Boys Doubles (Under-11)

Theerachpong Kanjanabat (Idea) P5 Hope
🥈 First runner-up: Boys Doubles (Under-11)

Panithi Sophark (Pun) P5 Joy
🥉 Second runner- up: Boys Doubles (Under-11)

Zhou Tawinun (Naja) P6 Peace
🥇 Winner: Boys Singles (Under-13)
🥇 Winner: Boys Doubles (Under-13)

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