SISB partners Prime Bangkok Football Club in nurturing sports stars of tomorrow


Bangkok, Thailand, December 23, 2021 – As part of SISB’s corporate social responsibility initiatives, it continues to be the main sponsor of Prime Bangkok Football Club, which plays in Thai League 3 of the Bangkok Metropolitan region. Through this partnership, SISB aims to support young people who may not have the opportunity to showcase their talents and excel in sports.

Mr. Kelvin Koh, Chairman of the SISB School Governing Boards, presented the sponsorship to Mr. Jatuporn Pramolbal, Chairman of Prime Bangkok Football Club. Mr. Koh said: “SISB is delighted to be doing our part to help the youth in our community to develop to their fullest potential in sports. I am proud that some of SISB’s students have the opportunity to train and play at a high level at Prime Bangkok Football Club.”

Prime Bangkok continues to succeed in its objective to support young, talented footballers to exhibit their talents and skills. Prime Bangkok strives to be a safe, welcoming environment for young football players to develop their skills and take the next step in their sporting careers. This partnership is part of SISB’s extensive efforts to give back to society. Some of its other efforts include the SISB Corporate Social Responsibility English Language Project, where SISB teachers, students and staff provide English lessons to students from Thai schools.

SISB is renowned for its strength in academics, especially in Mathematics and Science, with a strong focus on English. Every year, our students are accepted into numerous prestigious universities from around the world. In addition to a strong foundation in curriculum, SISB students are also developed holistically, in terms of essential life skills such as independence, confidence and resilience. Our students and management are also compassionate and participate in various projects and initiatives to contribute to the community.

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