[University Offers 2023] Ary(Chula)

“My experience in SISB since 2011 has been extremely rewarding. Like many other journeys in my life, there were a lot of ups and downs and experiences that could qualify as ‘life-changing’. I’m eternally thankful to SISB because all the achievements I’ve made so far are even more joyous because of the people who were there to celebrate it with me. Also, the rocky moments weren’t so bad because I could always lean on the family I’ve gained in SISB. My first inspirational figure is one of my teachers in SISB. It’s been very rewarding to see myself mature over the years and be able to look back on my younger self and see how much closer I am to the person I want to be, all thanks to the SISB community.

SISB provided me with counselling teams which have been extremely supportive and helpful. The counsellors pushed me beyond what I thought was possible and showed me the many pathways I would never have explored on my own. They challenged me to explore new perspectives and helped me learn more about myself and who I wanted to become. Thanks to the team, the process has been very smooth and time management was never a problem.

Take your high school life one day at a time. Don’t worry too much about the future, try your level best with everything, take opportunities that present themselves to you and don’t feel too pressured to figure yourself out just yet. Just make sure that you’re doing what makes you happy and the rest will work itself out.”

Arinna Narula – Ary

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