SISB Thonburi: Loy Krathong Festival (NK)

Celebrating the beauty of Thai tradition and culture, our Nursery and Kindergarten students embraced the enchanting Loy Krathong Festival on Nov 27! 🎉 Dressed in vibrant Thai costumes, our little ones led a morning parade, setting the stage for a day filled with discovery and joy.

The festivities continued where the essence and significance of the Loy Krathong tradition were explored. Our talented Primary and Sixth Form students surprised everyone with a mesmerising performance of the Loy Krathong song played using the traditional Thai bamboo instrument, Angklung. The highlight of the day was witnessing our students as they floated the krathong, immersing themselves in this beautiful ritual.

Our students not only enjoyed the festivities but also delved into the rich history and significance of Loy Krathong, imbibing the values of unity and gratitude that this tradition holds. It’s moments like these that help shape compassionate and culturally aware global citizens, contributing to a better world for us all. 🌏💫

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