SISB Suvarnabhumi: Primary 1 Field Trip – Suvarnabhumi Airport Museum, Samutparkan

Primary 1 had such an amazing time at Suvarnabhumi Airport on Jan 19, 2024. Students began with a tour around the Suvarnabhumi Museum. They were guided by knowledgeable and lovely hosts who shared the history of the museum, from its inception, to the model of the airport. Students had the opportunity to see the model of the landing and take-off strip, as well as the mock-up design of the Suvarnabhumi International Airport terminal.

Later, students were directed to the international airport terminal where they learned the process of checking the flight details on the board and then the check-in process for the flight. Additionally, students visited the flight deck and enjoyed a great view of flights landing and taking off.

Overall, it was a fantastic day, and students thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

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Singapore International School of Bangkok Suvarnabhumi

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