SISB Suvarnabhumi: NK Mid-Autumn Festival 2023

On Sept 29, the Mid-Autumn Festival at SISB Suvarnabhumi Nursery-Kindergarten was filled with joy and excitement as students celebrated this traditional Chinese festival. This event was an excellent chance for our students to learn and embrace the traditions of this significant Chinese festival.

After the Chinese teacher’s story-telling session, the students were inspired to create Mid-Autumn Festival-related art crafts: N1 and N2 students crafted adorable rabbit fans, while K1 and K2 students created adorable rabbit lanterns. These hands-on activities not only foster creativity, but also emphasise the festival’s cultural significance.

On this day, all the students had the opportunity to taste delicious mooncakes, symbolising the importance of reunion and togetherness.

The Mid-Autumn Festival at SISB Suvarnabhumi was a time for all students to come together, enjoy the festivities, and appreciate the rich tapestry of Chinese culture. Our students were left with an enduring impression of unity and cultural appreciation due to this event.

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