SISB Nonthaburi: 3D Design and Printing

An important part of the SISB ICT Curriculum is to learn to be creative with technology. 3-D Design and printing has been part of our primary curriculum for a number of years and all of our ICT labs are equipped with 3-D printers and computer suites that enable students to develop skills that are essential in the modern world.

In lower primary, students might learn to combine simple shapes and use these to create simple designs; a house or car. As students progress to upper primary, they begin to prototype to create solutions to specific problems. One example of this is to design an aerodynamic wing for a car that needs more downforce or a robot that needs an attachment to work in a factory. We believe that by engaging with design thinking processes, students develop empathy and become knowledgeable 3-D designers.

The pinnacle of primary 3-D Design is the annual SISB 3-D design competition. During this two-week competition, students from all SISB campuses create designs from scratch on a given topic to demonstrate their skills to the SISB community. Some of the creativity shown by our SISB Students is truly awe-inspiring.

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