2022 Global Chinese Youth Music Instrument Exhibition

2022 Global Chinese Youth Music Instrument Exhibition is specially held by the Chinese language and Culture Education Foundation of China to:
📌 Allow overseas Chinese youths to showcase their talents by demonstrating their performance skills.
📌 Promote artistic exchanges among overseas Chinese youths around the world.

Our Primary students did very well, including Ling Ling – Nattha Anusasamornkul-P6J, who won the Bronze Award in the U12 Individual category for her piano solo “The Moon Represents My Heart”), and also our Thai Instrument Team for their Khim piece, “Moonlight In The City, which won the Silver Award in the U12 Group Category.

Thai Instrument Team

Bam Bam – Nichapa Suriyasohpon -P6H
Munich – Lapasrada Sanooj-P6H
Enfant – Pitchayapak Sirikurn-P6L
Atom – Tanatcha Sirivongs-P6F
Tian – Promwacharee Thancharoenkit-P6H
Sasa – Sasimon Khongkruephan-P6H
Vivi – Ravimon Khongkruephan -P6F
Gale – Kultharint Loywattana Srikrod-P6L
got Silver Award for U12 Group Category.  

Excellent performance

PeiPei-Wethaka Tangsithpakdee-P5H
Fah-Patareeya Supanuntalerk-P6H
Bena-Napitchaya  Phothivisutwathee-P3L
Por-Jaraspong Atipunumphai-P5H
Cherry-Thanyatorn Kasae-P4F
Yovela-Yovela Jirakajorn -P4P
Munich-Lapasrada Sanooj-P6H

🏆 Winning performances:

Ling Ling

Thai Instrument Team

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