SISB launches Corporate Social Responsibility project to teach English to Thai school students


Bangkok, Thailand, 31st October 2020 – SISB launched its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) English Language Project that aims to provide English skills to students from Praram 9 Kanchanapisek school and Wat Samakeetham school with a minimal foundation in the language.

Mr Kelvin Koh, Chief Executive Officer of SISB Public Company Limited, said: “I hope that the students from the Thai schools will make full use of this opportunity to learn valuable English skills, gain experience and make meaningful connections through this project.”

The SISB CSR English Language Project, which is being carried out for the fifth year, will involve English lessons over 10 Saturdays, taught by teachers of SISB Schools, and supported by SISB students, parents and staff.

“This is a rare opportunity for our students to learn in an international school that many dream of studying in. Even though these lessons last only 10 weeks, the experience will prove to be highly valuable for my students,” said Mr Chuchart Nimphodaeng, Director of Praram 9 Kanchanapisek school.

The other beneficiary of this project is Wat Samakeetham school, which was represented at the opening ceremony this morning by Director Somboon Triyawat. She said: “Students from Wat Samakeetham school are those who really require opportunities in their lives, such as this CSR project. I urge my students to use what they will gain from this initiative to improve themselves and improve the country in the future.”

The project was launched this morning and kicked off with the first lesson for the students, with a pre-evaluation test to gauge the English proficiency of the students.

The first edition of the SISB CSR-English Language Project was launched on 1 Oct 2016. Through this programme, members of the SISB family – students, parents, teachers and staff – play their part to provide English lessons to students from Thai schools without basic English knowledge. More than 300 Thai school students have benefitted from this project so far.

SISB is a leading provider and manager of premium Singapore International Schools in Thailand providing K-12 education (Kindergarten to Grade 12).

Founded in 2001, SISB currently owns and manages four campuses in Thailand, which adopt the Singapore, UK and International Baccalaureate (IB) curricula. The name, “SISB”, was inspired by its first campus, the Singapore International School of Bangkok, the first international school in Thailand which pioneered the Singapore education curriculum.

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