SISB Thonburi: Weekly Teachers Profile (Teacher Dean)

I am 30 years old. I come from Cape town, South Africa, and this is my first time working overseas! So far, it has been fantastic. I have a wife who also works for SISB.

1. What attracted you to work and live in Thailand?

– My best friend works in Thailand, and I have always wanted to experience the excitement of living overseas.

2. What do you enjoy about life in Thailand?

– The fact that the city never sleeps. I also love the food and all the golf courses in Bangkok. The clothes are cheap, and there is always another place to explore on the weekends.

3. What made you decide to join SISB?

– It is a world-class school with amazing facilities and staff. I could not miss the chance to join such a prestigious school.

4. What do you like about teaching in SISB?

– At SISB, I enjoy having friendly staff and wonderful facilities in the school. In addition, the students show respect to their teachers.

5. In your opinion, what’s the best part of teaching?

– I am seeing a student grow day by day.

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