[University Offers 2024] Yuru Li – Leah (Chula)

“I transitioned from a Chinese school to SISB in Grade 11 and I’ve encountered challenges that tested my academic resolve. Yet, each obstacle became a stepping stone in my learning journey. Understanding complex concepts sometimes proved difficult, but through perseverance and guidance from my teachers, I triumphed. The most rewarding aspect was witnessing personal growth, not just in grades but also in confidence and critical thinking skills.

There were many memorable moments, from collaborative projects that fostered lifelong friendships to enlightening discussions that broadened my perspective. SISB has not only equipped me with knowledge but also instilled in me a passion for learning that will endure beyond these school walls. Also, the counselling team in SISB helped me a lot in my university application process. They gave me great support and encouragement.

Never be ashamed of trying; effortlessness is a myth. Aim for the sky, but still have your feet on the ground :)”

Yuru Li – Leah

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