[University Offers 2024] Rattaon Kittiratanawiwat – PamPam (Bristol)

“My time at SISB was life-changing, full of challenges and rewards. It was hard to make the transition to a new curriculum and learning methods after attending a Thai school. The challenge transformed me, and forced me to adapt and grow in the unexpected academic setting. The most enjoyable part has been making meaningful connections with a diverse group of friends and meeting teachers who helped me succeed academically. The rigorous academic environment at SISB has increased my intellectual ability and improved my personal growth, maturing me.

The school’s university counselling team has been helping me a lot through my application process. They always remind me of what I need to do for the next step. They supported me and never gave up on me until I received offers from well-known universities. Without them, applying to the university would have been more challenging.

High school is a crucial part in life that gives you lots of experiences and connections to plenty of precious people. So, make sure to spend your time wisely and make the best use of it. Don’t hesitate to chase your dream and don’t give up easily. Just believe in yourself and your dream will definitely come true.”

Rattaon Kittiratanawiwat – PamPam

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