[University Offers 2024] Narihiro Hiraoka – Nari (Chulalongkorn University)

“SISB’s diverse and holistic education helped me during my iGCSEs and A-Levels. Picking subjects I enjoyed and dropping the ones that didn’t suit me was crucial. Despite making some mistakes in choosing my field of study, everything worked out in the end. What I treasure most from school are the everyday moments spent with my schoolmates since I joined this school in Nursery 1.

I sought assistance from the lovely and dedicated university counsellors when preparing for my university application interview questions. They also guided me by reminding me of the application deadlines and locations.

Take your time to explore your field of study. Don’t choose something just because your friends are doing it. Pick what you genuinely enjoy and give it your all.”

Narihiro Hiraoka – Nari

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