[University Offers 2023] Vieng (Chula)

Having stayed in foreign countries throughout my life and until my return to Thailand six years ago, I initially faced quite the challenge in adapting to a new country and school environment. Despite the challenges during the first few years, I achieved many things and participated in a number of Corporate Social Responsibility projects. Also, I have made many great friends such as my juniors, my class peers and also developed a good relationship with teachers and staff. Most important of all, I have to thank my teachers, friends and family for all the support they have given me until now. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to develop from the shy person that I was in P6 into the person that I am today.

The SISB counselling team helped me greatly on getting university offers. They guided me and kept me on track regarding the different details of the university application and crafting my portfolio. The school showed me throughout my journey that I am not alone and they supported me whenever I needed them. Additionally, throughout my time in school, I have participated in lots of group projects and sport activities which helped me build up my portfolio/personal statement.

For 11 years, I grew up with my father, who is an ambassador, and I have stayed in many countries witnessing their different cultures and way of life. I also witnessed how my father worked and helped to develop the relationship between Thailand and other countries. This motivates me to follow in my father’s footsteps and one day, become a diplomat working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the United Nations.

Enjoy your time in school. Work hard but do not give in to stress. If you are tired, then rest by playing games or hanging out with your friends. At the same time, keep in mind what you want to achieve and never stop trying until you finally achieve it. Nothing is impossible so do your best and, one day, all your hard work will pay off.

Vieng – Sadayu Manityakul (Future Diplomat)

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