[University Offers 2023] Jai-Jai (Chula)

“SISB is like a second home to me, from the very beginning when I joined in 2007 to who I am today. The SISB community is very supportive and I really appreciate the teachers who saw my potential, encouraged me to follow my passion, and helped me to progress. I am very grateful for the relationships that I have forged, and they will always be there to support me. Also, all the unforgettable moments gained throughout the years during the school’s Overseas and Local Experiential Programmes, and International Award camp had allowed me to form deep bonds and gather new experiences. This enabled me to push through the challenges and grow as a person.

SISB has provided me with many opportunities and the counselling team has helped me throughout the university application process. They supported me to stay on track and kept me updated on my applications, which made the process easier, even though I did not start on my portfolio as early as I had hoped for. With the help of my friends and seniors, I was able to finish my portfolio on time and excelled during the interview. Throughout the pressure and hard work, the counselling team kept me going and that is something I will always be grateful for.

Believe in yourself. You are capable of achieving anything that you set your mind to and while doing so, try to enjoy it!”

Jai-Jai – Sirinporn Arpornsilikul (Future Designer/Architect)

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