[University Offers 2023] CJ(San Diego State)

“During my time at Singapore International School of Bangkok (SISB), I had an enriching and transformative learning experience. SISB provided a comprehensive curriculum that combined both academic excellence and character development.

Another notable aspect of SISB was its commitment to holistic education. The school emphasised the development of essential life skills and character traits alongside academic achievements. There were numerous co-curricular activities and clubs available to students, allowing them to explore their interests and develop valuable leadership and teamwork skills. Additionally, SISB placed great importance on community service and encouraged students to participate in various initiatives to give back to society.

The school played a crucial role in helping me obtain university offers. From the very beginning, SISB provided me with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills through its comprehensive academic curriculum. The dedicated teachers and mentors went above and beyond to ensure that I had the necessary tools and resources to excel in my studies and stand out among other applicants. SISB also offered various extra-curricular activities, such as leadership programmes and community service initiatives, which allowed me to develop a well-rounded personality and showcase my diverse interests. Additionally, SISB’s university counselling services were invaluable in guiding me through the university application process.

As you continue in life, remember to embrace every opportunity that comes your way. Take risks, step out of your comfort zone, and pursue your passions with unwavering determination. Believe in yourself and your abilities, because you possess incredible potential. Stay curious, ask questions, and never stop seeking knowledge.”

CJ Soukhaseum (Future chemist/businessman)

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