[University Offers 2023] Billy (Waseda)

As someone who has spent almost his entire education journey in SISB, the school has more or less been the building blocks of who I am today. Since I was young, SISB has been encouraging me to challenge myself and learn new things. From various competitions, both academic and non-academic, to new experiences such as the Local and Overseas Experiential Programmes, Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, and other programmes, SISB has given me numerous opportunities to learn from, grow and eventually shine in. In addition, I have met friends, teachers and staff members who have supported me throughout my whole journey and were there for me when I needed them.

SISB introduced me to many events and competitions that helped me build my portfolio. It was also through SISB that I encountered the various universities that I decided to apply for later on. Through its various university talks and other university-related events, I got to know universities such as Waseda University that sparked my interests. It was also through the guidance of SISB’s university counselling team that I was able to comfortably write and submit all the necessary documents.

Never give in to stress. After all, stress is the proof that you are committed and are trying. You can play games, hang out with friends or other things to relieve your stress, but never give up just because something is too difficult. So long as you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything!

Billy – Billy Andina

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