The Prefects Bake Sale – Primary

The Prefects Bake Sale, a fundraising event that has become an annual tradition in the Primary Section, was held this week to the delight of our young food lovers. This charity project was conceptualised and planned by members of the Primary 3-6 Prefectorial Board as led by the officers of the Primary Student Council. As in previous years, the Primary students and teachers gave all-out support to the Prefect-Sellers and bought everything — all food items were sold out by lunch period — and they were able to raise more than 30,000 THB! Proceeds of the Prefect Bake Sale will be donated to the Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Nakhon Nayok Special Education Centre for Children.

Enjoy the wonderful photos from the event as we thank everyone involved, especially our loving parents who helped the Prefects prepare the food items at home for the event.

For more wonderful pictures, please click here.

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