SISB Thonburi: U9 GBAC Basketball Mixed Tournament

Our SISB Thonburi Merlions basketball team recently participated in the U9 GBAC Basketball mixed tournament at Wellington College International School Bangkok on May 3, 2023. The team played 3×3, with each game lasting 15 minutes and all 10 players getting a chance to play.

We’re proud that out of 7 games, we won 5, had 1 draw (tie score), and 1 loss. Our students had a great time, enjoying the opportunity to play and showcase their skills. They demonstrated exceptional teamwork and sportsmanship throughout the tournament, earning praise from the other teams.

We were also grateful for the support of the parents who came out to cheer on our players. Overall, it was a great win and a good game. Let’s go, team SISB Thonburi!

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