SISB Thonburi: SISB MUN Conference

On Oct 28-29, SISB-Thonburi organised its first SISB Model United Nations (MUN) I Conference at the SISB Thonburi campus.

Alysha Sukkee, the CEO of AS Group Intertrade Co., Ltd. and Paranut “Alex” Juntree, a third-year undergraduate Political Science student majoring in International Relations, attended the conference as the Guest Speakers.

During the two days, there were a total of 91 participants, of which 69 participants were from SISB (Thonburi, Pracha Uthit, Chiang Mai and Nonthaburi) and 22 participants from other schools in Bangkok:

WK UWC-SA (United World College South Africa)

American School of Bangkok Green Valley

Ekamai International School

Thai Chinese International School

Harrow International School

Brighton College

Norwich International School

Mahidol University International Demonstration School

Satit Kaset

Open School International Community School of Bangkok

Sarasas Witaed Bangbon School

Triam Udom Suksa

Students were given different roles in different committees during the conference, such as Secretary-General, Chairs, delegates and Pages.

Our Secretary-General oversees the entire conference and ensures its smooth operation.

Our Chairs moderated the debate sessions, kept time, made rules on motions and enforced the rules.

Our delegates spent hours researching and ensuring information came from credible sources, ensuring they understood the topic, anticipating potential questions from the participating delegates, practising their answers, pushing themselves and passing good resolutions.

Our pages provided administrative support from the start of planning to the execution of the conference.

All students spent quality time exchanging ideas and networking with one another during the conference.

Indeed, MUN is one of the excellent platforms where students get to understand how the world works together at the United Nations, learn how to deal with several world issues imminently, build their confidence to express their views and improve their public speaking skills, learn how to research issues and gain confidence in the committee room. The platform aligns with SISB’s vision of preparing students to be scholars, leaders and global citizens.

Let’s congratulate all our participants on the successful completion of the two days of the MUN conference, and may they continue the journey in future MUNs.

A special congratulations to the standout individuals recognised for their exceptional performance:

Best Chair: Shane Phuvadit Sutthaphon (Norwich International School), Chair of UNSC

Overall Best Delegate: Nakamon Sae-Ngow (Brighton College), Delegate of the UK in DISEC

UNSC Committee:

Best Position Paper: Amy Soukhaseum, Delegate of Russia (SISB PU) Best Delegate: Apinnporn Xanthavanij (Aim), Delegate of USA (SISB Thonburi) Honourable Mention: Teethad Suparatnodom, Delegate of Ukraine (SISB Thonburi) Honourable Mention: Junxian Li, Delegate of China (SISB Pracha Uthit) Best Page: Wang Haoyu

DISEC Committee: Best Position Paper: Nakamon Sae-Ngow, Delegate of the UK in DISEC (Brighton College) Best Delegate: Nakamon Sae-Ngow, Delegate of the UK in DISEC (Brighton College) Honourable Mention: Serin Cig, Delegate of Russia (EIS) Honourable Mention: Saranda Fischer, Delegate of the People’s Republic of China (EIS) Best Pages: Praelwanid Triudomsin (Prael) and Kittipob Jitthanabanjong (Nature), (SISB Thonburi)

HSOC Committee: Best Delegate: Akkharawat Kritrueangchok, as Chancellor Adolf Hitler (SISB Thonburi) Best Delegate: Chaithammasorn Suwannagate (Thyme), as King Leopold III, Vasily Chuikov (Roong Aroon International School – RAIS) Honourable Mention: Pokpong Eiamratanawong, as Benito Mussolini (SISB Thonburi) Honourable Mention: Elisa Grace Kim, as Field Marshal Walther von Brauchitsch, Franklin D Roosevelt (SISB Thonburi)

Best Page: Thachapat Hansupotipan (Tekka), (SISB Thonburi)

A heartfelt appreciation to our hardworking organising team for their tireless efforts in making this conference a resounding success:


Organising Team Teacher Advisors: Beatty Sekizenge, (Overall Teacher-in-charge, SISB-TR) Justin Eliot Dickerson (SISB-TR) Alice Yali Wang (SISB-TR) Amos G O Owiti (SISB-PU) Anatoliy Kuznetsov (SISB-PU) Timothy Maingi (SIB-PU) Daniel Maxwell (SISB-CM) James Pow (SISB-NR)

Students Leaders: Ashelle Cabaluna Basiao (Ash, SISB-TR), Secretary General, SG Attaya Nontiwantok (Creme, SISB-TR), Secretary General, SG Rachanont Meethongklang (Zern, SISB-TR), Parliamentarian Akkharawat Kritrueangchok (Ben, SISB-TR), Parliamentarian Arthit Songtanin (Palm, SISB-TR), Head of Pages

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