SISB Thonburi: Primary Outstanding Behaviour Awards (November 2023)

On Nov 30, the PCCG department proudly presented the November Outstanding Behaviour Awards to acknowledge students who exemplify our school values: Independence, Responsibility, Respect, and Resilience. This month, the students were recognised for their resilience in modeling school values, despite navigating the challenges of Primary 6 examinations and formative assessments in Primary 1 to Primary 5.

The Outstanding Behaviour Awards are a way to positively reinforce behaviours that align with our school values, fostering the growth of students who embody these principles. In the P1-P2 levels, teachers use Student Outcome Tokens to reward these behaviours. In the Upper Primary levels, students are recognised and nominated by their teachers, encouraging intrinsic motivation to uphold the school values and student outcomes.

Grace (P1 Grace)

Pitta (P1 Grace)

Yuta (P1 Grace)

Por Por (P1 Grace)

Prairie (P2 Faith)

Baolin (P2 Hope)

Chris (P2 Hope)

Lele (P2 Hope)

Grace (P2 Hope)

Thunder (P2 Hope)

Jiaman (P5 Love)

Punn (P5 Peace)

An An (P6 Peace)

Join us in congratulating the following students for their well-deserved Outstanding Behaviour Awards for the month of November:

Congratulations to all these outstanding students for their exceptional behaviour and commitment to our school values! 🌟🏆

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