SISB Thonburi: Primary October Outstanding Behaviour Awards

On 8 November 20222 (Tuesday), the PCCG department presented the October Outstanding Behaviour Awards to recognise students who model the school values of independence, responsibility, respect and resilience.

The Outstanding Behaviour Awards reinforce positive behaviours whereby teachers award Student Outcome Tokens to students who exhibit school values. In addition, the Student Outcome Tokens positively reinforce behaviours that encourage students to live out the school motto, Spirit of Excellence, to become the best version of themselves!

Students who are able to obtain 10 Student Outcome Tokens from their teachers are awarded the Outstanding Behaviour Award.

Let’s congratulate the following students for receiving The Outstanding Behaviour Award for the month of October.:

Adele (P2 Faith)

Light (P2 Faith)

Perth (P2 Faith)

Xin Xin (P2 Grace)

Nina (P3 Love)

Alice (P4 Love)

Ingfar (P4 Love)

CK (P4 Joy)

Nana (P4 Joy )

Tangkwa (P4Joy)

Matt (P4 Peace)

Diesel (P4 Peace)

Thun (P4 Peace)

An An (P5 Joy)

Well done!

We hope this is one platform where we can encourage all students to become the best version of themselves by living out the school vision and aspiring to become a scholar, leaders and global citizens. 

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