SISB Thonburi: Primary and Sixth Form Meet the Leaders Session (Pathway to University)

On Sept 12, SISB Thonburi hosted a “Meet the Leaders Session” for our parents from the Primary and Sixth Form Section. During this session, we invited Principal Jason Tee, Principal of Sixth Form at SISB Pracha Uthit, and the University Counselling Team to share their thoughts about pathways to universities.

Topics shared include portfolio development support, Individualised University Counselling (IUC) Programme, timeline for university application, SISB graduation requirements, and the success stories of SISB students who have received offers from some of the top universities.

In addition, this session also allowed our parents to address questions and issues about their child’s preparation leading to university admission.

The University Counselling Team also took time to have a one-to-one dialogue session with our Grade 11 students to understand their profiles and aspirations to support them for university admission.

In SISB, our University Counselling Team will continue to partner with the relevant career agencies and universities to provide our students with up-to-date information on career guidance and support students for admission to courses in universities based on their interests, strengths and aspirations. Let’s look forward to more engaging sharing sessions to prepare our students for their education and learning journey beyond SISB.

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