SISB Thonburi: Nursery 1 Sensory Adventure Day (Project-Based Learning)

Project Based Learning, My Five Senses; Nursery 1 Sensory Adventure Day; Squish, spin, squelch, splash, squeeze, bang, run, scoop, shake, drop and smear! Our inquisitive N1 students absolutely delight in exploring their world through their senses. At SISB, we value learning and discovery in all its forms. Our vision was achieved in the most amazing way today when everyone immersed themselves with great enthusiasm in a variety of sensory activities. It was great to see everyone happy, learning and having the freedom to play. Our holistic centres based around the five senses gave everyone a perfect opportunity to be creative. We saw students making creative drawings on our Sense of Smell paint board and playing with the colourful Oobleck. We also explored many musical instruments singing and dancing together and lastly explored our artistic side by decorating our cookies in unique ways. It was a fantastic event with lots of positive learning experiences.

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