SISB Thonburi: Mental Health Month Initiative (Well Being Tree)

🌿🌸 Embrace the Power of Positivity with the Wellbeing Tree! 🌸🌿

As Mental Health Awareness Month begins, the PCCG Department is excited to introduce you to our uplifting initiative: the Wellbeing Tree. This initiative creates a space for our students to express their feelings about their unique challenges and offer words of encouragement by writing them onto leaves and flowers sticking them onto the tree.

The Wellbeing Tree is a symbol of positive and healthy expression, fostering a sense of unity and promoting mental wellness among our students. It provides an opportunity for them to share their thoughts, hopes, and kind words with one another. By encouraging our students to express themselves positively, we can contribute to a safe and nurturing environment where everyone feels heard and uplifted.

Let’s make this Mental Health Awareness Month a time of unity, growth, and self-care!

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