SISB Thonburi: Loy Krathong Festival (Primary)

On Nov 27, our primary students immersed themselves in the beauty of Thai culture during the celebration of the Loy Krathong festival. This cherished occasion holds deep significance as it allows us to express gratitude, seek forgiveness from Phra Mae Kongkha (the river goddess), and invite blessings into our lives. Moreover, Loy Krathong symbolises the act of releasing sorrows and negativity by floating them away with the gentle currents of water.

During the morning assembly, our talented Primary and Sixth Form students captivated everyone with their melodious rendition of the traditional song ‘Loy Krathong,’ skillfully played on the Thai traditional instrument, the angklung. Adding depth to the celebration, CK from P5 Joy delivered an enlightening presentation, delving into the historical roots and essence of Loy Krathong. As a tribute to cultural attire, we honoured the best Thai traditional costumes among our students and teachers with certificates.

The afternoon was filled with interactive engagement as students participated in Q&A sessions centred around Loy Krathong, followed by a delightful hands-on activity—crafting their own krathong using corn puff materials.

This day was a testament to the joy of cultural immersion and community spirit. Not only did our students and teachers revel in the festivities, but they also embraced the profound essence of Loy Krathong, aspiring to contribute to a better world within our community and beyond.

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