SISB Thonburi: K2 to P1 Experience Day

We recently had an amazing experience day where our Kindergarten 2 students got a taste of what Primary 1 would be like. It was a wonderful opportunity for them to explore the new environment and understand the transition from kindergarten to primary school. The students were welcomed by our friendly teachers and taken on a tour of the school. They got to see the classrooms, science labs, ICT room, and other facilities. Our Primary 1 students also joined in and shared their experiences of being in primary school. The Kindergarten 2 students then had the opportunity to participate in various activities, such as English, Chinese, Thai and Science lessons, and even ICT activities. The teachers were impressed with how well they adapted to the new setting and how excited they were to learn new things. Overall, it was a fun and educational day that provided our Kindergarten 2 students with a glimpse into what they can expect in Primary 1. It was a great opportunity for them to feel more confident about the transition and to get excited about the next phase of their learning journey.

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