SISB Thonburi: Basketball Friendly Match (SISB TR vs Norwich International School)

In a spirit of camaraderie and healthy competition, SISB recently engaged in a basketball friendly match against Norwich International School on Feb 3, showcasing the talents of our young athletes in the 15 and under age group.

The basketball court became the arena for a captivating face-off as players from SISB TR and Norwich International School brought their A-game to the court. The anticipation was high, and the energy was palpable as both teams aimed to demonstrate their skills and teamwork.

Several players stood out with their exceptional performances, showcasing not only their individual skills but also their ability to work seamlessly as a team. These budding athletes demonstrated that age is no barrier to displaying grace, skill, and determination on the basketball court. SISB TR extends its sincere gratitude to the players, coaches, and supporters from Norwich International School for their gracious participation in this friendly match. Your team’s sportsmanship and commitment to fair play have added to the positive experience for everyone involved.

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