SISB Thonburi: 3D Design Competition 2024

Our students have once again proven why SISB is the place for aspiring innovators! 🎨💡

🌟 Congratulations to CK of P5 Love for securing the runner-up position across all six SISB schools!

For our SISB Thonburi school level:

🥇 Overall School Champion: CK of P5 Love

🥈 Second Place: Yuri of P3 Peace

🥉 Third Place: Snow of P4 Hope

School Level Winners:

P3 Level: 1st Place: Yuri (P3 Peace) 2nd Place: Smart (P3 Peace) 3rd Place: Max (P3 Peace)

P4 Level: 1st Place: Snow (P4 Hope) 2nd Place: Nendo (P4 Faith) 3rd Place: Grace (P4 Joy)

P5 Level: 1st Place: CK (P5 Love) 2nd Place: Niko (P5 Joy) 3rd Place: Pream (P5 Peace)

P6 Level: 1st Place: Kent (P6 Peace) 2nd Place: Yoshi (P6 Peace) 3rd Place: Wish (P6 Love)

Their breathtaking designs under the theme “From Scene to Tinker” showcased the talent and spirit of creativity that thrive within our school walls. 🌈✨

Join us in celebrating our students’ achievements and envisioning the limitless possibilities! 👩‍🎨👨‍💻

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