SISB Suvarnabhumi: World Math Day

March 14, 2023, known as World Math Day, is a great opportunity to motivate students to learn Math and sharpen their arithmetic skills.

To instill a love of Mathematics among our students and to promote a part of our school’s vision, which is to nurture students to become global citizens, we celebrated World Math Day by going through the history of this event and showing how it is usually celebrated in the world during morning assembly. Primary 1 to 6 students took part in fun and engaging Math activities during their Math lessons:

Primary 1:
Students practised writing addition and subtraction sentences by cutting out a template of a robot and putting different parts together.

Primary 2 to 3:
Students practised skip counting by creating a tiny kite.

Primary 4 to 6:
Students discussed the importance and impact of Geometry on today’s life and created some figures by drawing only straight lines.

Impressively, some students memorised Pi decimal places. Miki from P5 Love won a prize for reciting 345 decimal places.

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