SISB Suvarnabhumi: SISB’s 3D competition – Landmarks of the Future

What if you could design a landmark for the future? That’s what these Primary 3 to 6 students did using a 3D Computer Assisted Drawing (CAD) program called Tinkercad. They learnt how to create and manipulate shapes, colours, and dimensions to express their vision of a futuristic landmark to compete in SISB’s 3D competition “Landmarks of the Future”. Students developed their spatial awareness, creativity and problem-solving skills. They also had fun and felt proud of their achievements. Students had 2 weeks, from May 8 to June 19, to perfect their creations and submit their landmarks to compete in this contest for all SISB’s students from Primary 3 to 6. The SISB SV awards ceremony took place on the morning of June 19 at the SV campus school gymnasium.

The wonderful designs:

The SV winners are:

P3 class level runner-ups:
Lhin P3 Joy
Kin – P3 Love

P4 class level runner-ups:
Mimi – P4 Love
Napat – P4 Love

P5 class runner-ups:
Chenxi – P5 Love
Ava – P5 Love

P6 class runner-up:
Sharol – P6 Love
William – P6 Love

School Runner-up:
Mei Mei – P3 Love
Marina – P4 Love
Ponton – P5 Love
Baicha – P6 Love

SV School Winner:
Ponton – Suvarnabhumi P5 Love
Thonburi School Winner – CK P4 Joy
Pracha Uthit School Winner – Enoch P6 Hope
Chiang Mai School Winner – Luke P5 Love

All campus winners:
4th plane – Enoch Pracha Uthit P6 Hope
3rd place – Ponton – Suvarnabhumi P5 Love
2nd place – Luke – Chiang Mai P5 Love
1st place – CK – Thonburi P4 Joy

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