SISB Suvarnabhumi: Primary Summer 2023

Our SISB Suvarnabhumi FUNTOPIA Primary Summer Programme kicked off on July 3, drawing eager participation from our SISB students and those from other schools. From the very beginning, the students exuded enthusiasm as they met and greeted each other, setting the tone for an exciting summer of learning and fun.

In English, they learnt writing and presentation through newscasting and had a blast with the speech choir. They also enjoyed doing interesting crafts to reinforce their learning. One exciting moment was when they introduced themselves as superheroes, donning capes and embracing their heroic personas.

The Science activities were thrilling, like “Saving the Egg Princess.” They built contraptions to save an egg from a high drop, learning about air resistance, gravity, and velocity. They also had fun designing bridges using sticks and tape, challenging their creativity. Making kites and paper kites or “Boka Boka” added to the excitement.

In the Chinese sessions, students embraced the art of calligraphy and traditional Chinese dance. They also engaged themselves in role-playing exercises, which improved their speaking skills while immersing themselves in the rich Chinese culture.

The Thai classes offered a delightful culinary adventure, as students had a chance to cook a traditional Thai dessert – steamed banana pudding. They also learnt Thai traditional dance and played Thai traditional games, immersing themselves further in the diverse and vibrant Thai culture.

In Art, students unleashed their artistic prowess by designing their very own board games, showcasing their skills in using art elements and unique creativity in gameplay. Also, as they embraced the “Superheroes” theme, they created superhero characters. The highlight of their learning was an exhilarating treasure hunt, where they scoured for clues to uncover hidden treasures, making it a memorable and exciting adventure for all.

The air was filled with joyous tunes as students learnt several fun songs in the Music classes. The “Drum Circle” session proved captivating, as they mastered beats and rhythms. Upper-level students skillfully played instruments to accompany their lower-level peers during the singing sessions.

In the ICT sessions, students learnt simple photography and basic graphic design. By exploring Google applications like Sheets, Slides, and Maps, they honed their technology skills. To add to the excitement, they even composed music using “Incredibox.”

Math brought numbers to life as students explored “money and financial literacy” and learnt about time and time zones. The time machine activity and the creation of a “supermarket and restaurant” for engaging role-playing brought excitement and hands-on learning. Additionally, students designed their own unique currency, showcasing their mathematical ingenuity.

Overalll, the FUNTOPIA Primary Summer Programme proved to be an unforgettable experience, brimming with fun, excitement, and fruitful learning. The students revelled in the diverse array of activities, leaving them with cherished memories and enhanced knowledge across various subjects and skills.

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