SISB Suvarnabhumi: Primary EOY 2023

On Thursday, June 29, 2023, the SISB SV Primary Department hosted the highly anticipated end of year production titled “Peter Pan: Never Grow Up”. The vibrant event took place in the Primary gymnasium and showcased the remarkable acting, dancing and singing talents of SV’s Primary 1-6 students. Witnessing the students’ heartfelt dedication to the production was truly inspiring as they spent their lunch breaks and free time rehearsing and preparing for the show.

The production itself served as a shining testament to the Primary students’ resilience and unwavering determination to deliver their absolute best. Despite the challenges, they performed admirably twice in a single day, demonstrating their commitment to excellence. Show 1 catered to the Primary 1 and 2 parents, while Show 2 delighted the Primary 3-6 parents.

“Peter Pan: Never Grow Up” also served as a platform for the SV Primary students to develop a range of essential skills taking them beyond their regular academic curriculum. Through participation in the production, they honed their collaborative skills as well as their ability to manage time effectively. They also learnt the importance of discipline and perseverance, realising that success comes through hard work and dedication.

The SV Aesthetics team extends their heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved for their invaluable contributions, which played an integral role in the resounding success of the show.

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