SISB Suvarnabhumi: Primary 5 Residential Trip to Eco Hotel, Pattaya

On March 20 and 22, our eager and excited Primary 5 Love class embarked on an immersive Residential Trip to Eco Hotel, Pattaya. This meticulously crafted three-day excursion was designed for students to learn beyond the confines of their classroom, fostering profound connections between them and the world around them, while empowering them to apply their acquired knowledge in real-life settings.

Throughout this unforgettable journey, our Primary 5 students immersed themselves in a variety of exciting activities, accompanied by their peers and new friends. From spirited rounds of frisbee golf and the mastery of navigational skills in orienteering challenges, to the exhilarating showcase of culinary styles in a captivating master chef activity, the precision and focus demanded by archery, and the development of essential survival skills, our students have proven their resilience and open-mindedness in accomplishing each task with smiles and vigor. Well done, Primary 5 Love!

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