SISB Suvarnabhumi: Primary 4 Residential Trip, Nong Nooch

The SISB SV P4 students, along with students from Pracha Uthit and Thonburi campuses, went on a fun-filled residential trip to Nong Nooch on March 28 and 29, 2023. The trip was a perfect opportunity for the students to learn about and experience Thai culture while bonding with their peers outside the classroom.

The main activities of the trip included a Thai Cultural Show, Elephant Show, and Thai Cooking, providing the students with an immersive experience of Thai traditions and customs. The Thai Cultural Show gave the students insight into the country’s rich cultural heritage, while the Elephant Show was an exciting and educational experience for each student. The Thai Cooking activity was an excellent opportunity for the students to learn about Thai cuisine.

Overall, the SISB SV P4 students’ residential trip to Nong Nooch was a great success, providing them with a memorable and enriching experience. The trip allowed the students to appreciate Thai culture and traditions, learn new skills, and forge new friendships, making it a valuable addition to their education.

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